Why should u use react .....

Why should u use react .....

Are u still confused and wants to explore more that why we should use React when we can do it with Plain html , CSS and JS .

I too had that question and that time I got to know something that is known as Virtual DOM .

But after going through that and learning about Virtual DOM I was not getting practical proof and how does react only re-renders only the component that has changed .

But take a look at below example ..

const render = () => {
  document.getElementById('mountNode').innerHTML = `
      Hello HTML
      <input />
      <pre>${(new Date).toLocaleTimeString()}</pre>

      'Hello React',
      React.createElement('input', null),
      React.createElement('pre', null, (new Date).toLocaleTimeString())

setInterval(render, 1000);

part 1 of the above code is created using simple html and 2nd part of the code is created using the React .

What you can see is that If you try to type something in the 1st input box , It will not allow u .

Now go and type something in the 2nd input box and u will be able to type in that box .

So now question comes how ....

So this is what React is all about . React will only update the pre element everytime not the complete page .

While the html above will re-render the complete page .

Go and check that out here

This is just a practical proof .Learn more about Tree reconciliation here